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Can we keep it?


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A law says people cannot keep a nutria (NOO-tree-uh) as a pet.  Mr. and Mrs. L. found a hurt one.  They helped him.

Mr. and Mrs. L. can keep him!  He plays with their dog.

Pray: Thank God for people who care well for hurt animals.

Read More: Denny and Myra Lacoste of Louisiana found a baby nutria in 2020. He was hurt on the side of the road. The Lacostes helped him get well. They named him Neuty. Nutrias are invasive. They dig burrows that damage wetlands. The wildlife department wanted to put Neuty in the Baton Rouge Zoo. But 17,000 people signed an online request. They want Neuty to be able to stay with the Lacostes. The Lacostes can apply for a permit to keep him. 

“Man and beast you save, O Lord.” (Psalm 36:6)