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How To Use God's Big WORLD

Regularity: Each mailing, which arrives every other month, contains 8 pull-apart lessons. Each of those lessons has three stories and one skill-building activity. Used weekly, God's Big WORLD helps you bring structure and order to your child's discovery. The regularity reinforces the basic concept of the passage of time which you are already teaching. Consider setting a certain day each week to sit down together, look at the pictures, read, and try the activity page. Another time might be set aside for your preschoolers to watch the videos—with more pictures and added information—for each story online.

Accessibility: A large image and a very short, easy-to-read block of text draw young children—even pre-readers—in. The images ignite their interest without overwhelming them with more text than they can manage confidently. Let your children pick out the words they already know. Help them sound out a few more challenging words. Ask them what they notice in the pictures. Gradually encourage them to read the simplest sections aloud to you. The teaching tip, written for adults, gives you the "backstory," so you can talk about the news and reveal more details in your own words.

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Story Archive

Browse an archive of earlier stories here, or search using keywords to find stories about a particular topic of interest to your student.

Tips for Parents and Teachers:

Keep it simple. Preschoolers and early elementary children are often compared to sponges, and that's a very good quality. They don't need to be heavily taught, but they respond well to being exposed.

Young children also learn well by connecting ideas through story. When possible, find and read aloud together some of the books from our new Recommended Reading list.

Listen to Concurrently: The News Coach Podcast for gentle encouragement for approaching difficult news topics and encouraging dialogue with children of all ages.