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Dance, climb, skate, and surf!

  • 1 Breaking AP22295535919973
    Victor Bernudez Montalvo of the United States competes in a 2022 breakdance contest in South Korea. (AP/Lee Jin-man)
  • 2 Climbing AP21217535868576
    Alberto Gines Lopez boulders on a climbing wall in Japan in 2021. (Marijan Murat/picture-alliance/dpa/AP)
  • 3 Skateboard AP21216234487708
    Poppy Starr Olsen skateboards in Japan in 2021. (Marijan Murat/picture-alliance/dpa/AP)
  • 4 Surfing AP24060743703169
    Vahiné Fierro competes in a surfing competition in Puerto Rico in February 2024. (AP/Alejandro Granadillo)
  • 1 Breaking AP22295535919973
  • 2 Climbing AP21217535868576
  • 3 Skateboard AP21216234487708
  • 4 Surfing AP24060743703169


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Bust out your moves in a break dance.  Scale a climbing wall.  Do your best tricks on a skateboard.  Surf waves.

These are 4 of the newest sports in the Olympic (oh-LIM-pick) Games this summer.

Pray: Thank God for sports that push us and build our strength.

Read More:
The Olympic Games began nearly 3,000 years ago. The earliest games had events like chariot racing and wrestling. The summer Olympics are in Paris, France, from July 26 through August 11. Expect to see runners, swimmers, and gymnasts. Watch for more. Break dancers will spin on their heads! Athletes will leap to reach holds on climbing walls. Skateboarders will balance their boards on rails and stairs. Surfers will ride waves more than 20 feet tall.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” (Colossians 3:23)