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Learn from the ant doctors.

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    A Matabele ant eats a termite. (ETF89/CC)
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    Matabele ants take a substance from a gland on their backs. They use it to heal wounds on other ants. (Erik Frank, University of Würzburg)
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    A healthy ant checks an ant injured by termite bites. (ETF89/CC)
  • 4 Ants raid
    Matabele ants raid a termite nest. (ETF89/CC)
  • 1 Ants 6 Emvt Fus
  • 2 Ants 8xu1 A Hp D
  • 3 Ants w I37 ZAWY
  • 4 Ants raid


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Fight for food!  These ants eat termites.  Termites protect their nests.  They can bite off ant legs.  Ants tend each other’s wounds.

God put medicine in ants.  They rub it into hurt places.

Pray: Thank God for medicine. We can learn from the ways ants take care of each other.

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Matabele (mat-uh-BEE-lee) ants live south of the Sahara Desert in Africa. They raid termite nests. Almost no ant gets left behind. Ants that lose a leg release a chemical. That lets other ants know they need help. Healthy ants carry injured ones back to the colony. A gland on the ants’ backs has a substance that brings healing. Ants lick each others’ wounds. They put the substance on cuts. Most injured ants live. Scientists might use this substance as medicine for people.

The Good Samaritan bound up an injured man’s wounds and took care of him. (Luke 10:34)