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Get some ostrich love.

  • 1 Ostrich hugs RC2 PH6 A4 BJ79 reuters
    Gibbe Vanden Kieboom is from Belgium. She offers a hug to an ostrich at an animal rescue farm. (Reuters/Yves Herman)
  • 2 Ostrich therapy RC2 OH6 AILM76 reuters
    Wendy Adriaens is the founder of an animal rescue farm. She hugs an ostrich named Blue. (Reuters/Yves Herman)
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    Two male ostriches guard a flock of chicks in South Africa. (AP/Jerome Delay)
  • 4 AP090214023930
    An ostrich watches visitors at a zoo in Saudi Arabia. (AP/Hassan Ammar)
  • 1 Ostrich hugs RC2 PH6 A4 BJ79 reuters
  • 2 Ostrich therapy RC2 OH6 AILM76 reuters
  • 3 AP21340480557517
  • 4 AP090214023930


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Sit on a blanket.  Wait for an ostrich.  Here he comes!

Will the big bird bite?  Nope.  He lays his long neck on your shoulder.  Now that is a snuggle!

Pray: Thank God for animal hugs. He uses cuddly creatures to give us comfort.

Read More:
Need a hug? Ostriches at a farm in Belgium can help. Wendy Adriaens started the rescue farm. She saved one clutch of ostrich chicks at first. Now she has nine of the birds. Ms. Adriaens says ostriches understand people well. One hour of bird cuddles costs $71. Warning: Do not try to hug an ostrich in the wild. They are the largest living birds. They can run 43 miles per hour. Most of them are not tame.

The Bible teaches God is “the Father of mercies and God of all comfort.” (2 Corinthians 1:3)