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No more of these bugs, please.

  • 1 Selina Zhang 1
    Selina Zhang stands in front of her ArTreeficial. It attracts spotted lanternflies. (Courtesy of Selina Zhang)
  • 2 Lanternfly Getty Images 1054495206
    This spotted lanternfly is on a maple tree in Pennsylvania. (Getty Images)
  • 3 Selina Zhang 2
    Zhang hopes to use many of her pretend trees in an ArTreeForest. They could zap more pests! (Courtesy of Selina Zhang)
  • 4 Lanternfly AP20298669060929
    A spotted lanternfly climbs a pole in Pennsylvania. (AP/David Boe)
  • 1 Selina Zhang 1
  • 2 Lanternfly Getty Images 1054495206
  • 3 Selina Zhang 2
  • 4 Lanternfly AP20298669060929


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Selina saw many lantern flies.  Their red, spotted wings are pretty.  There is bad news!  This bug does not belong here.  It harms many plants.

Selina made a trap to zap them.  Bye bye, bugs!

Pray: Thank God He gives people ideas to keep plants and trees safe.

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Selina Zhang is 18. She lives in Annandale, New Jersey. She saw spotted lanternflies. The bugs jump from plant to plant. They eat sap. Plants become weak. Lanternflies leave honeydew on trees. This waste harms plants. The pesky bugs are from China. They do not have enough predators in America. Selina made the ArTreeficial. It smells like China’s tree of heaven. Lanternflies love it. Two nets trap the bugs. One is electric. The tree uses AI to spot lanternflies. Zap! No more pests!

“We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.” (Ephesians 2:10)