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Get toasty and hatch eggs.

  • 1 Octopus hot tub MBARI
    Female pearl octopuses nest at the “octopus garden” off the California coast. (MBARI)
  • 2 Octopus hot tub
    A female octopus watches over her eggs. (MBARI via AP)
  • 3 Octopus hot tub
    A male pearl octopus reaches out his tentacles. (MBARI via AP)
  • 4 Octopus hot tub
    A camera keeps track of the octopuses. (MBARI via AP)
  • 1 Octopus hot tub MBARI
  • 2 Octopus hot tub
  • 3 Octopus hot tub
  • 4 Octopus hot tub


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Come on, babies.  It is time to hatch.  Mom octopus does not want to wait four years.  How does she get her babies to come sooner?

She lays her eggs in warm waters.

Pray: Thank God that He shows creatures how to grow, have babies, and keep them safe.

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Octopuses tend to live alone. Why did 6,000 gather to lay their eggs off central California? Two miles below is an extinct volcano. It warms the whole area. Scientists found this “octopus garden” in 2018. They watched 31 octopus nests for three years. Eggs hatch at the site after about 21 months. It takes four years or more for octopus eggs to hatch in other deep-sea spots. Cold water slows the growth of eggs. Warm water speeds it up.

God created “every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarm.” (Genesis 1:21)