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She walked far!

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    The polar fox is fitted with a satellite tracking collar in Norway.
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    The fox with the collar was tracked walking from northern Norway to Canada’s far north, 2,737 miles in 76 days. (AP)
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    If you stretched her trip in a straight line, it would reach across the whole United States!
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A fox lived on an Arctic island. She trotted across ice and snow. She looked for other foxes. Scientists say the animal walked all the way to Canada. It took four months. They had never known an Arctic fox to walk so far.

READ MORE: Long fur keeps Arctic foxes warm in the winter. Their fur changes with the seasons. It is white in winter. It sheds (falls out) in the spring. Brown fur grows in. Brown matches the ground to help the creatures hide. God watches over even roaming little foxes. Imagine how much more he cares for you. Proverbs 2:8 says that God watches over the way of his people.


Lesson #7: Icy Experiment. How did the arctic fox keep warm on her long journey? Try this activity from You’ll need a bucket or large bowl filled with lots of ice. Add some water and allow it to chill. You’ll also need latex or vinyl gloves, vegetable shortening, and plastic wrap. Encourage your child to put her hand into the ice water. What is her reaction? Now have her put on a latex glove, scoop out a big handful of the shortening, and make a fist. Wrap the fist with plastic wrap (to keep the shortening from falling off into the ice water). Now let her return her hand to the icy water. What does she notice? Explain that animals like walruses and seals have a thick layer of fat. It keeps them warm in Arctic waters. God created the Arctic fox with a short, stumpy body and small ears that won’t quickly freeze; thick fur on its body and pads of its feet; a thick layer of fat under its fur; and a blanket-like, bushy tail to cover its body while it sleeps. All these keep it as warm as your child’s shortening-covered hand was in the ice water.