The walls have a story. | God's World News

The walls have a story.

  • 1 Time capsule
    Carpenter Dakota Mohn found this message in a bottle. It was tucked behind a wall. (Courtesy of Dakot Mohn)
  • 2 Time capsule
    Mrs. Stephanie Poit left the message in the bottle when she was 14. She now lives in New York. (Courtesy of Stephanie Poit, social media)
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    Mrs. Stephanie Poit wrote about her family, the president, and her home. (Courtesy of Dakota Mohn)
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Smash! Workers pulled down a wall in an old house. A bottle was behind the wall. It held a note inside.

Mrs. P. wrote the note years ago. She told about her life.

Pray: Thank God for the gift of each person’s story. God is the author of all our stories.

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Mrs. Stephanie Poit grew up near Peoria, Illinois. Kids her age liked to make time capsules. She put a note in a bottle when she was 14. She tucked it behind a wall when her father was adding rooms to their house. The note described her parents, sisters, neighbors, and the president. Workers found the bottle in May. Mrs. Poit is now 61 and lives in New York. What would you put in a time capsule? 

The Bible teaches God appoints the times and places of all people “that they would seek God.” (Acts 17:26-27)